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    This is a full property management service. We find the tenants, screen the tenants, enforce the lease, collect rent, do inspections, coordinate maintenance issues, handle move outs and move ins, take care of evictions – if needed. In short we, take care of all the details and work so you don’t have to. You will have your own online portal to access anytime you want. You will be able to retrieve current and past monthly statements, invoices, tax documents, and annual summary, all from the convenience of your own portal. We will take care of you and the property.

    Lets start with what we do not charge. Unique to us, we do not markup service calls. If we have to call out maintenance you will get a copy of their bill and you will not be charge a penny more than what they charged. With other management companies you won’t even know you are getting a markup on costs. That is why they will keep the invoice from you and won’t let you talk directly with the technician. We keep everything above board and let you see what you are paying for.

    Monthly management fees: 8% of the rent plus $9 a month for an attorney retainer fee. The attorney fee covers the cost of an eviction and court costs, if needed. It also covers the cost of legal advice regarding situations that may arise with a tenant and the lease.

    Periodic fees: These include those listed below. If you are signing up 10 or more units jump to the Bulk Discount at the bottom of this section.

    One time sign up fee: $100 (waived if signing up more than one unit).

    Leasing fee: 12% of the rent. Charged each time we need to find a new tenant because someone moves (typically once every 1-3 years). This includes the costs of advertising with online pay sites.

    Screening fees: $25 per person, only for applications that are processed but they do not sign up (typically there are 0-3 screening fees during the course of filling a vacancy). This is different than most management companies do it. Having your best interest in mind is what drove us to do screening fees this way rather than charging them to applicants. When charging the applicant it actually causes them to first consider other places or makes them delay submitting their application. Thinking through this, we realized that every day your place sits empty costs you more money than a screening fee is even worth. This fee structure actually saves you money because we get your vacancy filled faster. Now, this does not mean you get charged for every application that comes in. We want to keep this as low as possible. If someone’s application is approved and they sign up then there is no application fee. It’s only for those that get to the final stages of the application process and then they are denied for credit and/or background or, if approved, they change their mind and don’t sign a lease. To prevent unnecessary screening fees, we first run them through a pre-screening that can weed out those that couldn’t be approved anyway. The pre-screening checks are: tenants must have toured the property, each adult must have submitted an individual application with a current pay stub and picture ID, applications need to be filled out properly with no disqualifying factors listed, applications are screened through our attorneys database – comprised of evictions and collections from hundreds of property managers over several decades. Only after passing all those pre-screenings, we do a credit and background check with the potential of a screening fee.

    Bulk discount: If you are signing up 10 or more units we greatly simplify and reduce the fees. For 10 or more units we only charge the 8% management fee. All the other services are still included and all the others fees are waived.

    The property owner is responsible for the property’s bills and payments.

    In addition to a professional For Rent sign at the property and being listed on our website, it will be posted to dozens of online classified websites and refreshed weekly. Once we have the ad written and the pictures uploaded, our top of the line software is capable of sending the ads out to all the big websites with the simple click of a button. Anyone looking will easily be able to find your property for rent.

    Usually 2-3 weeks, sometimes less. Vacancies are a major focus for us because we understand a vacancy can be a property owners biggest expense. Because we jump right on it, we often succeed at getting new tenants lined up to move in before the old tenants have even moved out.

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Our Commitment

  • Integrity: Honesty and hard work to help provide the best result for your property.
  • Experience: Having been in business since 2005 we’ve managed hundreds of properties. With our knowledge and foresight we can prevent a lot of problems with proper management.
  • Fast response time: We will always respond to your needs and we jump right in to resolve problems.

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