Maximize Your Profits By Keeping It Simple

Finding Success in Real Estate by Keeping it Simple The success in renting your investment property, can depend on your commitment to keeping it simple. Every home and its rental agreement has a lot of factors and variables that you must manage. Many of these variables you can remove or mitigate in order to reduce […]

Top 6 Ways a DIY Landlord May Lose Money

  DIY can be a great way to be independent, learn new skills, and often times it saves you money.  There are a lot of people taking the DIY approach as a landlord.  If a person has the time and resources to follow best practices, it can be a rewarding experience.  However, the majority of […]

Top 7 Problems When Renting Out Individual Rooms

Often landlords are looking for ways to maximize the rental income from their investment properties.   One common practice, especially in college towns, is to rent out individual rooms to single adults.  The hope, is that the accumulation of individual rents would add up to more income than what you would get when renting out […]

Is Your Plan the Best Plan to Accomplish Your Real Estate Goals?

  Real Estate is a fantastic way to diversify your investments and create financial security for a stable retirement.  Establishing a plan is important for accomplishing those goals.  In doing this, you need to be careful that your plan does not become more important than your goal.  I’ll give you several examples of what I […]

Innovative Mortgage Alliance

  • We strive for a three week closing
  • Your own portal to view live progress of files and upload important docs
  • Four business hour response time, or less
  • We pay per diem if escrow closes late for reasons within our control
  • Same Day Pre-Approvals
  • We’ll strive to provide you the lowest rates and fees possible
  • Twice weekly communication on files in process

Quality Restoration

Quality Restoration has been helping individuals, families, and businesses recover from unexpected losses due to flood, fire, and other natural disasters since 2001. They are experts at navigating the insurance claims process. They work with your insurance company, as your advocate, to ensure that you are made whole in every way possible. No one plans to have a flood, fire, or some other natural disaster; but when it happens, it’s nice to know that the friendly team at Quality Restoration will be there for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Anchor Property Maintenance

With 15+ years of experience in the construction world, we have the skills to fix just about anything. Anchor Property Maintenance officially started in 2017 providing services from little repairs to full remodels. Our favorite projects are the unique ones that other people can’t quite figure out or rather not do. We are passionate about quality work and always strive to go above and beyond to make that happen!