Property Management

Best Practices to Screen Tenants

What are the best practices to screen tenants for a rental property? In today’s video, Jeff Stinson from Kasteel Property Management goes over some of the best practices to consider when screening tenants for a rental property. Watch the video or read the rest of the article below to find out more about what it takes.

Before you even start screening potential clients, you want to make sure that your head is on straight. In other words, as a landlord, you need to know what you’re asking for. Remember, you’re not in the business of providing housing for people; you’re looking for a “business partner” to help take care of your property.

Get The Right Tools

This means that you need to be able to run credit checks as well as perform a thorough background check. Now, this process will take time, it will be essential to have these procedures in place. Having these will make it so that you can screen tenants much faster.

Tap Into Resources

One big resource you have is the attorney you use. Here at Kasteel Property Management, we are able to tap into our attorney database of problem tenants. By having this it provides yet another level of security to ensure that your tenants are top notch.

Remember Your Goal

Lastly, when screening tenants, you need to remember your goal – solving problems before they even happen. The desire to accomplish this goal is why it’s important to have a good screening process. If a potential tenant can’t follow your directions, then that is a good indicator that they might not be a good fit for your property.

Screening clients is an ongoing process, but remember to stay diligent and keep your goals in mind. If you have comments or questions, leave them below or visit us at our website!